Kamis, 18 Januari 2024

The Change: A Novel by Kirsten Miller

The audiobook "The Change: A Novel" by Kirsten Miller, narrated by January LaVoy, has received positive reviews across various platforms. Here's a summary of the reviews from Amazon, Audible, and Audiobooks.com:


The MP3 CD format of the audiobook has been praised for its suspenseful story, great pacing, memorable characters, and engaging voice.


The audiobook has been described as a gloriously entertaining and knife-sharp revenge fantasy, empowering middle-aged women to go beyond societal expectations. The main characters and their sisterhood are highlighted as engaging, and the story is noted for being suspenseful and intriguing.


The audiobook is commended for its emphasis on the power of women, the transitions between narrators, and the themes of deceit. The story is described as vengeful, mystical, and empowering, focusing on a triple homicide and the newfound powers of the protagonists. The narrator, January LaVoy, is praised for bringing the story to life with her subtle shifts in tone and delivery.

Overall, "The Change: A Novel" has been well-received, with the audiobook's engaging storytelling and January LaVoy's narration being particularly highlighted. The empowering and suspenseful nature of the story has resonated with listeners, making it a recommended listen for those who enjoy compelling and vengeful narratives.